Welcome to Patti’s Puppies,

I am Patti and my hobby is finding loving homes for my adorable puppies.

My puppies come from my friends, Mom and Pop breeders. They are all healthy, happy and loving.  They are social,  they are around kids, adults and other animals.  I strive on having the best.

They are all adorable.  Some puppies need special care likeTea Cups.

They have different registers.  Designer puppies sometimes are not registered.  I do have a guarantee.  They are vet checked before you get a loving puppy.  They are up on all shots and worming.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

 Thank you and remember puppies are like us they need love and care.  Puppies have little hearts too and want to share their love.  Patti 

A website for Pattis puppies.